Better network forensics, in a fraction of the time.

Everything goes over your network. That's where the truth lives—and Corelight illuminates it all.

Featured — The Corelight Sensor 1000

Visibly better. Corelight Sensors provides the unparalleled network traffic analysis of open-source Bro, with data optimized for cybersecurity. Configure in minutes, and focus on what matters. See better and save time, at any scale.

Incident response up to 20x faster.

Get efficient file extraction plus reliable export of Bro's renowned logs. Corelight Sensors transform network traffic into high-fidelity data to accelerate threat hunting, incident response, and forensics.

Data that’s more useful. Clearly.

In real time, we extract what really matters from the never-ending river of network traffic, transforming packets into actionable logs designed by and for security professionals. Bro's unique data makes it easy to reconstruct what happened, connect the dots, and understand patterns.

Zero maintenance.

Corelight sensors take minutes to configure: you provide the traffic feed and specify where to send logs and extracted files—nothing more. New features roll out seamlessly through regular, automatic updates. And you get world-class support from the creators of Bro. Spend your time defending the network, not keeping sensors working.