No one knows more about Bro. We built it.

When our chief scientist created Bro at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1995, he never imagined it would be used worldwide more than 20 years later. For over 20 years the founders of Corelight have been building and improving the open source software, and now they've founded a company.

Engineering: Director of Community


San Francisco

Job Functions


Corelight is a high-growth security company that emerged from the open source community of Zeek (formerly Bro), a powerful and widely-used network monitoring tool. Open source coding is part of our DNA: all of the company’s co-founders, and many of its key engineers, actively contribute to Zeek. We are looking for a full time Director of Community to serve, engage, and inspire the community we emerged from, as we grow and evolve.

The Role

As Director of Community, you will lead, coordinate, and manage our global community program, shaping community experience and infrastructure, bringing community needs and requirements into Corelight, and building growth and engagement. You will also help celebrate and amplify the contributions of the community to open source Zeek, identify themes and patterns inside the community, and promote enhancements to the open source project. Your experience as content expert, superb communicator, and humble facilitator will be key to your success.

We’re serious about our community, and here’s how you can tell:

  • You will have direct access to the core contributors for open source Zeek and an opportunity to shape our open source work and our products.
  • This is not a position focused on brand and reputation management. It’s about continuing to cultivate a meaningful and fruitful collaboration between open source Zeek  and Corelight.
  • You will have an opportunity to lay out a strategy with clear goals and hold yourself and the whole of Corelight accountable to it. This is not a merely tactical role.
  • You will be a core part of our strategy and team. We’re not looking to “appease” our community but to empower it. Our open source goals are company wide goals.

Your Responsibilities

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Program Management. Build and execute programs to grow the Zeek community.
  • Community Experience and Platform Management. Manage a structured approach to community roles, on-boarding, and overall experience. Manage communication and collaboration platforms.
  • Relationships and Community Engagement. Build relationships within the community in order to successfully represent their perspective inside Corelight. Be active in related communities and platforms to help foster collaboration and relationships.
  • Community Input into Roadmap. Work with engineering, product, and marketing teams to incorporate community features and needs into roadmaps and open-source code.
  • Content. Develop content that promotes the longevity, sustainability and impact of our communities.
  • Social Media and Event Management. Help run social media, events, and other outward facing efforts to grow Zeek’s community and user base.
  • Spokesperson. Be a Corelight representative promoting our open source and community efforts at conferences and events, as well as with the media and external communities.
  • Engagement Research and Innovation. Study other community programs to assess how we can innovate to make our community engagement powerful, engaged, thoughtful, and surprising.


We’re looking for candidates with the following experience:

  • 5+ years of experience participating in and building communities, preferably open source or technical in nature.
  • Working in open source and other online communities.
  • Public speaking, blogging, and content development and/or technical writing.
  • Facilitating complex and sensitive community management situations with humility, judgment, tact, and humor.
  • Experience developing content for open source communities.
  • Working independently and autonomously, managing multiple priorities.

Experience with any of the following will also be quite beneficial:

  • 3+ years of experience facilitating community management programs within a software or Internet-based company.
  • Media training and experience in communicating with journalists, bloggers, and other media on a range of technical topics.
  • Experience integrating brand, voice, and messaging into developed content.
  • Demonstrated ability to draw upon a diverse network of communities and social media platforms.
  • Software development capabilities and experience.

A note on experience. We understand that no candidate is perfectly qualified for any job. Experience comes in different forms; many skills are transferable; and passion goes a long way. Even more important than your resume is a clear demonstration of dedication, impact, and the ability to thrive in a fluid and collaborative environment. We want you to learn new things in this role, and we encourage you to apply if your experience is close to what we’re looking for.

We also know that diversity of background and thought makes for better problem solving and more creative thinking, which is why we're dedicated to adding new perspectives to the team.

More about Corelight

We are an early-stage security startup based in downtown San Francisco and Columbus, OH. We secure some of the most sensitive and mission-critical networks in the world, and our rapidly-growing customer base includes eight of the Fortune 50. Based on the Bro Network Security Monitor, a beloved and widely used open-source framework, Corelight Sensors transform high-volume network traffic into ‘rocket fuel’ for security analytics and operations. Following in the footsteps of successful open-source security companies such as Sourcefire, Corelight's unfair market advantages include its founders: the inventor of Bro and its key open-source committers. Join Corelight, and help us make the world's networks safer.

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