No one knows more about Bro. We built it.

When our chief scientist created Bro at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1995, he never imagined it would be used worldwide more than 20 years later. For over 20 years the founders of Corelight have been building and improving the open source software, and now they've founded a company.


Current openings:

    There are thousands of enterprise security vendors—but only one Corelight. We're looking for great people to join us.

    Here are some things we love to see in our colleagues:

    • Enthusiasm

      Excited to help build a company and guide its culture? Fantastic!
    • Expertise

      Are you the best at what you do? Bring it!
    • Teamwork

      We’re working to build a great company. Can you help?
    • Experience

      Bring your skills and knowledge. Help us do it better.
    • Intelligence

      We love smart folks. But not the ones who need to tell you how smart they are.
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    Working at Corelight

    In addition to helping to make networks safer around the world, Corelight is a great place to work. Of course we provide competitive salaries, equity and benefits, but those are just table stakes. No matter where you're based, we aspire to make working here one the best experiences of your career.

    We're based in San Francisco (SOMA) with easy access via BART, the Transbay Terminal, Muni and CalTrain. We also have an engineering team based in Columbus, Ohio if you're more midwestern at heart. And we are hiring around the world for specific roles, primarily in sales and pre-sales engineering.

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    we <3 Bro!

    Have we said it enough?
    We’re founded by the creators of the Bro network traffic analysis framework—we <3 Bro!

    Working at Corelight means helping to make the world’s networks safer. We’re designing new Bro network security solutions and helping critical industries protect themselves in the highly challenging cybersecurity space.

    Our customers need to stay ahead of threats such as ransomware, malware, data exfiltration, and other activities threatening their organizations. New attack vectors are always being invented, making cybersecurity a demanding and innovative career.